You are committed to
producing world-class food.

We are committed to
giving you world-class care.

New Zealand is a nirvana for food production. Our temperate climate, lush pastures and bountiful seas produce food envied worldwide. 

But, without you, the world wouldn't be eating our food. Without you taking this raw food and turning into the milk powder we feed our babies; the lamb roast for dinner; that pinot noir accompanying the roast; the honey-baked peaches and ice cream for dessert. 

Thank you for your contribution to plates around the world, and to New Zealand's economy.

The New Zealand story we are honoured to be part of ... 


It is our privilege to work with you and maintain the hygiene of your factories. 

Our tight-knit team has over 145 years of combined experience in the industry. We are as passionate as you about sustaining NZ's reputation as a world-class food producer. 

We will continually source and develop world-class products and technologies and provide you a world-class service, through our innovation and continuous improvements. 

We know how important it is for you to hit your production targets. That is why we focus on becoming experts in your critical hygiene, so you can focus on what is really important: producing world-class food.  

Our Key Focuses

 Constantly searching out innovative cleaning solutions and cutting-edge technology

• Placing a laser-like focus on the food industry, and its pain points, and making sure we are always up to date with new policies and technologies, or any way we can make your life better

• Supplying food-approved critical hygiene products that we have used ourselves and proven to be the best

• Giving food producers proof of cleanliness, through documented evidence in our customer portal

• Maintaining the safety of our people, your plant, and the planet


All your schedules, certificates of completion, HVAC reports, and before and after photos are stored in your very own reports portal.  

Watch the video below to see how this portal works. 


We’re always looking for better, safer and more sustainable ways of doing things. As products and processes change, we stay ahead of the curve, ensuring our customers are always getting the best protection for their business.

Innovations & Latest Projects

  • Dry Ice Blasting
  • Needlepoint Bipolar Ionisation
  • Radic8 Viruskillers
  • Non-DG Sanitisers
  • Drone Spraying
  • HVAC Hygiene


With over 145 years combined experience in the food industry, we have learnt a lot about critical hygiene and the best practices in specialist industrial cleaning.  We are committed to sharing this knowledge with you.  

To do so, we have created the Presco Environmental learning centre - a growing resource to answer all of your questions on critical hygiene and air quality for New Zealand's world-class food producers


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