Certificate of Completion

A Certificate of Completion (COC) is a condition report that records when work has been done.  

It is proof of work done: the work you planned has been carried out.  

COCs show you the condition before cleaning, what was done, and the condition on completion.

A COC can include:

  • Date work was carried out
  • Written description of area work was done in
  • Photos of condition before and after
  • What debris or foreign matter was found
  • Any activity of interest. e.g. rust, water, insects, rodents, atypical air pressure
  • ATP results if applicable
  • Cleaning method
  • Waste disposal description
  • Chemicals used
  • Further work recommended (if needed)
  • Signature of job supervisor
  • Your purchase order number, and
  • Anything else your auditor or plant manager may need to know.  

This certificate is created and supplied within 48 hours of us completing your job.  

It is important our technicians record anything they see that is out of place, or in need of attention, because often they are visiting places that you may never go yourself.  If you work in the office or on a production line, you may not see the service tunnel, ceiling space or the roof top.   We can be your eyes and ears; therefore, we must report back to you on that.  

HVAC reports

An HVAC report is the same as a COC, but specifically for your HVAC system.  It uses more descriptive text over photos, as it is hard to show things like microscopic dirt on filters in an image.  

How can you access your reports?

All your reports will be kept in our online Presco Environmental reports portal.  

This reports portal is for plant managers and their delegated authorities to access 24/7.   Once you receive your username and password, you can log in to your reports folder securely anytime.  This saves you from:

  1. saving and storing your reports in your own database, and
  2. having to contact us every time you need an old report, plan, or certificate.  

If you are not an ongoing customer of ours, we can mail or email your reports to you.


One last point …

If you need something reported on that is not listed here, we always work with you to provide the exact documented evidence you require.  

Got a question about reports?  Get in touch today.